Two..I hope Easy Problems

By Tomorrow_Rains
May 20, 2007
  1. Well, My first problem (which is my Main one)

    Is that, I have a 250GB HDD And im running Windows XP Media Center on it
    And I also have a 80GB HDD Running Windows Vista Home Premium.

    So i was Told Before to Switch My HDD Putting Vista as Master, And My Other one As Slave.

    So when i turn it on, No Effect.

    Then i pop in the Vista CD it does some Fixes, and Badda-Bing, Vista Comes up, So it starts installing new hardware, blah blah, and...All of a sudden..I now cannot find My Windows Media Center, It doesnt Come up At all. In the Bios it doesnt show the Two on a list. and..I was wondering how to retrieve My windows XP.

    And For my Second Question.
    My Cousing is killing the internet Causing Major Lag When im trying to play Counter Strike or Do my Homework.

    We're on a linksys Router Where The Router is in my Room and He has the Connection device on his in the living room, Is there anyway i can cut off His internet? Without Physically going and removing it. Because if i do it will probably not end well (im frustrated)
  2. gavilan

    gavilan TS Rookie Posts: 62


    While I am not sure _exactly_ how the vista boot loader is configured, I know that if you install xp first on one drive and then vista on the other, it will recognize both OSs. That's what I had to do with my system.

    As for your other question:
    What is your cousin doing on the internet that is so bandwidth intensive?

    Most Linksys routers have a way that you can disable or limit access to certain MAC addresses on the network. Try going to the router's config page, and then click "access restrictions."
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