Two iexplorer.exe plus more, please help

By LettuceJUMP
Jul 11, 2009
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    I have been very frustrated the last 3 days trying to troubleshoot my virus/adware but is becoming increasingly difficult

    my internet has been disabled as well alot of settings/features within windows vista

    i still can use ccleaner, lavasoft adware and avira, but nothing else really
    and i can not install programs

    i have hijack this and have tried doing the 8 steps, but most i can not even get installed!

    i made a log of hijack this as well as process explorer hoping you guys can see something i dont see

    but those annoying iexplorer.exe are driving my top of the line new PC nuts!

    please any help, i am losing sleep over this

    I will check this thread every 5 mins as well as my email - LettuceJUMP

  2. Bobbye

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    Sorry, but you've run an outdated version of HijackThis. Please follow the Steps in the Virus and Malware Removal HERE

    Run as much as you can, even if you have to do it in Safe Mode. The HJ version there is the most current.

    It is normal to have multiple entries of iexplore.exe in IE8.

    I see 14 entries for svchost.exe, all saying Host Process for Windows Services. I have Windows XP and run 7-9 entries for svchost.exe always. The svchost.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. It can be, but usually is not a virus, spyware, Trojan or worm. They are most likely from the Services you have running.
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