Unable to complete 8 steps

By seanpaulz
Apr 9, 2009
  1. I am having many issues right now with my laptop. I tried to complete the 8 step process but was unable to run the Malwarebytes program and my Admin would not allow me to download the superanti spyware or new java update.

    I have a log file from hijackthis but I can't attach it since I can't log into this website from my laptop (I Am posting this thru my iphone)

    When I first ran Avast it recovered the following viruses;


    My symnatec picked up Trojan.Fakeavarert

    All of these actions have been preformed in safe Mode since it freezes up everytime I log in normally. When I log in thru safe mode an Admin has been created that requires a password (originally I had been the Admin)

    If anyone knows of a way for me to post my hijackthis log please let me know.


    Sean n
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