Unable to connect to Internet; driver disk available (Dell Inspiron 710m)

By mdenglund
Apr 21, 2011
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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have found a lot of posts on this topic, but none specific to my situation (I think). I re-installed Windows XP, and like many have had problems, I cannot connect to the internet. Upon looking in device manager, I am missing all of the 'other devices' (Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, something with modem and several others).. I know this is the cause of my problem, but I am wondering which of them on the driver disk I need to install to remedy this issue? I installed most of the drivers in the order it recommended, but some of them listed on the disk were not those mentioned, so I did not install them (there are two under Chipset, several under communications, etc.). I am certain the ones needed are on the disk (due to a call with Dell), but I opted out of the $150 one time support. Is there an issue with installing them if I do not need them? Do I need to restart after every one? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!!! I would love to have the internet back!

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    Dell has all the drivers for the Inspiron 710m on their website HERE (you don't need to pay for a CD)

    Look under Network category. Did you download the Broadcom driver?? (all the other network drivers are for different wireless cards)
  3. mdenglund

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    Accessed internet through modem, but connect connect wireless


    Thank you so much for the help! I was able to pull the appropriate Broadcom driver from my drivers/utilities disk, and now am able to connect to the internet, but not wireless....!

    Under device manager, I still have "?" next to Mass Storage Controller and Network Controller. When I right click on each of these to 'update driver', it cannot find it (even with my driver disk in). I thought it would also prompt seraching on the internet for it, but it is no longer doing that.

    My challenge is finding the correct driver on either the disk I have or Dell's site since there are several to choose from. Right now the driver disk shows I have the Broadcom and the Intel (R) PRO/Wireless Network Connect Rev A08 installed, but there are two other applicable ones available under the Network Drivers (Dell_Wireless (US) WLAN Card Rev A09 and Intel (R) Pro/Wireless 2100 LAN miniPCI Adapter Rev A13). I have tried downloading these too, but not sure it is working since they don't get check marks next to them.

    Any additional help is greatly appreciated!


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