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Unable to load Windows

By Patriot.Aus
Sep 21, 2006
  1. SAVE MY PC!!!

    hey everyone, this is my first post here, in fact on any computing forum.

    i am quite aware that there is plenty of topics on what i need but absolutely none help, and my eyes are sore from reading.

    this is the problem at the moment -

    loads to the welcome screen and stops (dont know if this matters but the welcome writing is alot smaller then usual)

    this occured when i was looking at different window themes and it crashed on me (this is a usual problem as alot of things have been going wrong on my comp) but this time i started my comp and it didnt load!!! please help me, in the last month i think i have done 20 or so complete reinstalls. (losing all my school work once and my music)

    this was the problem a while ago -

    my computer got badly infected with viruses, rather then cleaning it all i just did a complete reformat, after this i couldnt install most things (such as windows live msnger, ad-aware, and emule to name a few) - i solved this by not installing my motherboard chipset cd which worked apart from theres errors everywhere, things dont open, freezes alot.

    I dont expect for some one to work out what the bleep is wrong with my computer, but is there a way to do a system restore if you are unable to load windows??? as at the moment all that is important is school, and i had open office working so i would like to just revert it back to the way it was, without spending another day on it (my harddrive also has all my data on it, and i have slow internet and am not feeling like re-downloading everything)

    any ideas guys??? if you can thank you loads, i have been problem solving all last night and all this morning, and i thought i had it working to a degree that was acceptable (because i dont wat is wrong) but just as i had it the way i wanted it, it will now not load. (prior to this it would also not shutdown, itll sit on the shutdown screen until you manually hold down the off button)

    thanks again for any help, or any ideas on whats the problem or how to fix it
  2. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    Are you able to boot into save mode at all?


  3. Patriot.Aus

    Patriot.Aus TS Rookie Topic Starter

    heya mate, yeah i cant boot in safe mood, it does exactly the same thing, ive also tried booting from the last working settings and that does the same thing, this is where everyone else's problem gets solved and mine doesnt.

    i dont know whether this would be related, but before hand my add/remove programs didnt work, so i tried to a system restore and that didnt work, so i did some command in cmd and put the install cd in and that fixed that up. but really, i just want to revert it back to the way it was.
  4. Patriot.Aus

    Patriot.Aus TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so i take it no one knows??? im going to try to install linux on one of my hdd's, but can it do that? considering one is set to slave? or would it be easier to just install them on the same hdd but on a different partition?

    also i've bought linspire, but last time my internet connection didnt work, so does anyone else have a suggestion for a good free linux OS?

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