Unexpected processor shutdown

By thomas4456
Nov 3, 2005
  1. My moms computer is a refurbished e-machine from Tigerdirect. Bought about a year ago. runs a Celeron 2.7 256mb ram. No hardware additions other than a LCD Monitor and the printer that came with the package deal. About a week ago we started having a problem where the computer would shut down for no reason. At first it did it while the computer had been on for a long time & now in the past 3 days I think the longest it will stay on is maybe 1 minute or 2. The power supply I believe is a 250watt & I switched it with a 200 watt from a barebones computer that I haven't built yet. No change, does the same thing. So i switched it back. A local computer guy told me it was a software issue and to reinstall windows XP. reinstalled windows XP (Computer actually stayed on to complete that task.) But when I started to go through the initial startup and re-enter all the basic information (time, date, where you live, who's computer, yadda yadda) it would shut down again. And it's not the whole thing it's just the main processor shutting down, it's fan goes off etc. The power supply is still running and still powering the hard drives, CD ROM, 3 1/2 etc. So based on this info, anybody have an idea or run across a similar problem?

  2. patio

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    The heat issue can be checked with simply removing a side panel and directing a small fan towards the inside of the case on low. If it stops hanging than this is the problem.

    The PSU issue is a little tougher to narrow down but basically involves investing in a new one, installing it and seeing if this corrects the hanging. DO NOT buy a cheap one.

    The RAM can be tested by DLoading memtest and letting it run on one stick at a time for a few hours.

    Let us know.

    patio. :cool:
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