Unresolved dispute between CBS and Time Warner could be great news for Aereo

Shawn Knight

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File this one under moves we didn’t see coming – a spokesperson for Time Warner Cable said if they can’t reach an agreement with CBS over retransmission fees (money that CBS charges for the right to air their content), they...

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I see people leaving Time Warner for Dish or Direct more than I see them adding another service to TimeWarner (while paying the same as they did with CBS, I'm sure).


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Boo Freaking Hoo, as if Americans don't have enough TV at their disposal at an already low price... And then there's this "Currently, Aereo offers five flavors of service: Try for Free (one hour free per day), Day Pass ($1 per day), two monthly plans at $8 and $12 and an annual subscription for $80-per-year." Now take a Canadian provider. Bell, it cost a little over $100, A Month! And that doesn't even get you all the available channels or packages. No HD either. A similar service would be closer to the $20 mark in the US, now they come out with $8 or $12 a month packages... Time Warner and CBS are both equally greedy parties who don't deserve to do business with each other.