Unwanted Ram stick?

By james_k1988 ยท 4 replies
Jan 8, 2006
  1. First off my computer spec is :

    AMD 64 3200
    MSI 200XPRESS mobo (MS-7093)
    3g of ram
    HIS X800xl (flashed to a X850 for no reason.....long story lol :suspiciou )
    Windows xp pro

    At xmas there i got a upgrade of 2G of ram, on top of the 1g i had bringing me up to 3g. I figured this would help me on my gameing. Anyways ive noticed some strange action on my system lately, seems to be "sticking" at places (Windows media player seems to be the most obvious)

    I have always had problems with getting dual channel to enable on my mobo, and have never been able to find out why as i thought all the sticks were correct for it. But i checked my timeings as i read up on dual channel and these need to be the same. here is what everest said

    DIMM1 1024mb - @200mhz 3.0-3-3-8
    DIMM2 1024 mb - @200mhz 3.0-3-3-8
    DIMM3 512mb - @200mhz 2.5-4-4-8
    DIMM4 512mb(has 3 this one)- @200mhz 3.0-3-3-8

    As you can notice one of the sticks timeings is slower than the others(DIMM3). And i was just wondering if it was possible this stick was slowing the others down? or could this cause any problems? And is it worth getting it replaced as that wouldnt be any trouble, but i dont want to waste money on something i wont benifit from lol

  2. Jaquio

    Jaquio TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Its not making them slow i think...

    make sure u read the MoBo Manual to see compatibility issues of your Ram and the propper way to set up 3Gigs...
  3. rmg900

    rmg900 TS Rookie

    Wrong Setup

    You don't have dual channel setup correctly. Most boards set up like this:

    DIMM1: 1 G
    DIMM2: 512 MB
    DIMM3: 1 G
    DIMM4: 512 MB

    This is how most MOBO require to enable dual channel.
  4. james_k1988

    james_k1988 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 163

    I tried settings them up that way m8, still wont run in dual channel. And no compatibility options mentioned. Would it be worth just trying the 2 1g sticks to see if itll run in dual?
  5. rmg900

    rmg900 TS Rookie


    In this case, your system will run better all around. AMD boards have the memory controller built into the CPU so although they'll run 4 DIMMS they run alittle better with only 2 + I think it'll be easier for you to setup Dual Channel.
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