Upcoming 4K, G-Sync, HDR desktop monitors reportedly delayed until at least Q3


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Last year saw news of several desktop monitors from Acer, Asus, and AOC that combine 4K visuals, HDR, Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, and 144Hz (and higher) refresh rates to produce a superior gaming experience. The displays were supposed to arrive sometime in 2017 but were pushed back. Now, they’ve reportedly suffered yet more delays and won’t launch until at least Q3 2018.

TFT Central reports that the 27-inch versions of these monitors—the Asus PG27UQ, Acer X27, and AOC AG273UG—aren’t expected to arrive until the third quarter, while the 35-inch models (PG35VQ and X35) are due in Q4.

Blur Busters confirmed the news, adding that the complexity of producing the displays, which feature local dimming zones and 1000 nits brightness along with Nvidia’s variable refresh rate tech, is likely behind the delays.

Until the monitors arrive, it appears that the only desktop 4K 120Hz display—and also the first full-color 480Hz capable LCD monitor that is not a laboratory display—is this Zisworks model.

While there was no sign of the G-Sync HDR desktop monitors at CES, we did see Nvidia’s 65-inch BFGDs, which feature 4K resolutions, 120Hz refresh rates, and HDR/G-Sync support. They also come with Nvidia’s Android TV-based shield TV with Google assistant built-in.

Some of the first BFGDs announced were Acer’s Predator BFGD, Asus’ ROG Swift PG65, and HP’s Omen X 65 BFGD. There’s still no specific arrival date for these models, which will undoubtedly cost a small fortune, but they’re set to launch sometime this summer.

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If you ask me, 4K gaming is dead. Dead because you can't find a video card to save your life!
Not only that but these delays are a bad sign. Once these monitors are released expect revisions to these monitors while you are stuck with an early partially defective monitor. Don't adopt this kind of technology early on.


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The issue is the panel manufacturers can't do local diming with 1000cd brightness levels on the cheap panels that are used for computer displays. Look how awful the planned HDR rollout is for PC, the monitor manufacturers are trying to pretend that 400cd is an adequate HDR level when it's not even close. Most video content is mastered at 1000cd (Or higher)! The current model 30 inch LCDs with 4k HDR can't do high refresh rate, have terrible contrast ratios, don't meet the advertised brightness levels for HDR, have ridiculously high input lag and cost way more than a vastly superior TV.

The 2017 LG B7 has half the input lag (21ms) of any HDR computer monitor I've seen and the pixel response is literally thousands of times faster. The 2018 models get BFI and 120hz input support. The 2019 models get HDMI 2.1, VRR, 120hz, and who knows what else. All you have to do is look at Nvidias latest big announcement: To get HDR gaming they strapped a Gsync module to a cheap 65 inch panel and will charge outrageous amounts of money for it (While they can).

The PC monitor market is doomed and it falls further behind every day. The cost per inch is so hilariously bad compared to the TV market which also has VRR, HDR, OLED, app integration, and very powerful processors. Economy of scale will never be there for computer monitors because no one is buying them.
Computer monitors have barely evolved at all in the last 10 years while TVs have absolutely transformed.

Go big or go home kids. 4k HDR PC gaming with a 1080Ti and my 55 inch LG B7 is breathtaking. No burn-in on mine but we'll need to wait another year for conclusive results of the 2017 models. Rtings.com is doing comprehensive burn in testing.

I use my 120hz 27 inch 1440P monitor as a secondary display for my web browser... The future is in TVs. Deal with it. If cost is a big issue take a look at the Samsung and Vizio LCDs with a billion features for half the price of most "gaming monitors" and similar input lag.
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Regarding the BFGD displays... adult size, probably low input lag, GSYNC, REAL HDR, 120hz 4k, and the built-in Nvidia shield is a terrific idea. The only issue is the panel, I'd buy one immediately if it had OLED. The price is also a big question mark. Still, at least we are moving away from tiny displays!
If you ask me, 4K gaming is dead. Dead because you can't find a video card to save your life!
Dead? Hah -- it's just hibernating.

There'll be a flood of 1080 Ti's once the cypto miners have something better (like GTX 2080 Ti Plutonium Extreme Overclock or whatever)

Maddening wait though.


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I'll just wait for the new 8K TV to come out.
As I already have a 120Hz 34" 1440 ultrawide monitor, I cannot see the point in buying a 4K monitor as they have already started to perfect 8K.
OK, besides being astronomically expensive, they are also massive in trying to get all those 8k pixels onto a screen, but who needs a big monitor when you have a massive TV.

I was wondering if they are going to make a monitor version, could they put the 8K tech into an ultrawide format and make it curved.
Just imagine - the latest version of HDR, with G-Sync, 120Hz or more, and all the other goodies, you would sit there with an all-encompassing absolutely blow your mind stunning screen for gaming.

After growing up in the cubs and scouts, I like to be prepared, so all I need to do now is to start looking for a desk, or even better still a wall mount, that will handle something as big as an 8K monitor and figure out how to squeeze such a big screen into my small PC area. :)