Updating Bios Asus P4S8X

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Jan 27, 2009
  1. Well-- I downloaded the latest update--but couldn't open the file (.rom)so I followed numerous links which all led to supposedly free driver scans(ya right)-and was informed I had 12 outdated drivers --which could be fixed if I registered for $$ of course!
    So I originally paid for my mobo --how can I update without going thru a secondary party??!!
    The Bios Update was downloaded from the Asus site!!--But I can't open it!!!
  2. raybay

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    Installing a BIOS update is serious business, and can destroy the board if incorrectly performed. The ASUS BIOS comes with specific instructions on how to open... some are downloaded in three different versions... for floppy disk, USB install, etc.
    You sometimes open a BIOS update by rebooting to that device that contains the update.
    ASUS BIOS updates are designed in such a way that they can only be installed by a certain method... and the method of opening is to prevent destruction of the board elements that make your computer run.
  3. CCT

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    The floppy drive Asus bios update using Afudos is the best way to do it.

    Create a floppy boot disk, download the latest Afudos from the Asus site to it, and boot to this disk and run Afudos to make a copy of your EXISTING bios (name it oldbios.rom).

    How; Boot from the floppy drive with your Afudos disk in;

    At the prompt type Afudos /o Oldbios.rom

    Exit and remove the floppy and reboot.

    THEN download the latest bios (and make darned sure you are on the right motherboard page) and copy it to the floppy naming it Newbios.rom .

    Reboot with the floppy in the drive and run Afudos again and this time upload the newbios.rom .

    At the prompt type Afudos /i Newbios.rom

    Don't press anything or cough loudly when the afudos is running (haha).

    Once again, exit and reboot and Bob's your uncle.

    If not, you can (usually) restore the old bios because you have it saved on the floppy now don't ya.

    However, if you screw up you get a nice paperweight until you pay Asus to send you a new Bios chip.
  4. LinkedKube

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    If you have an Asus board you should also have a program called Asus Update, this is the program you insert your downloaded bios into, but its not the rom version. or usb bootable one. The update program came with your mobo, its on the disk, under utilities.
  5. Harry_Beast

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    Yes I tried that method--going thru the Asus Upgrade utility-but it would not connect !
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