Updating your BIOS and some BSOD errors

By anttg408
Jan 11, 2012
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  1. Recently, I have recieved many different kinds of BSOD errors but before i was receiving these BSODS i kept getting a BIOS notice. It was even in my programs labeled BIOS noitce. I'm not sure if it is a virus or if it really wants me to update the bios? and if that could fix the BSODS can i please get instructions to properly do a bios update?

    Thank you.
  2. anttg408

    anttg408 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40


    I just read a forum about it being a overheating problem and now that i look at it. My Fan does make unusual sounds at times and it doesnt even turn on really.. that i remember so that may be the problem?
  3. mailpup

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    Which fan are you talking about? If it's the CPU heatsink fan then check the temperatures reported in the BIOS.
  4. anttg408

    anttg408 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40


    It is the Case fan . i have 3. the powersupply and the Graphics fan are fine its the BIG ONE. the fan that has a case.

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