upgrade from a3d aureal vortex to audigy?

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Apr 23, 2002
  1. i own a3d aureal vortex.. should i upgrade to audigy?

    right now i have an a3d aureal vortex superquad sound card in my system. in windows 98 it worked just fine, but now that i have upgraded to windows xp, i have been having many problems. I am pretty sure you all have dealt with this problem before in this forum, but i am new here, so please help me. i found a way to get the sound working but it is at a very very low volume. I have klipsch 5.1 promedias, and i am not gettin my moneys worth cause my sound card blows. i love bass! but my comp aint deliverin. should i just upgrade to an audigy or sumthing and forget about microsofts offer to make a driver for the aureal cards?
  2. Rick

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    Microsoft isn't going to make any new drivers for your Vortex card. Have you tried looking for drivers from your manufacturer's website? Such an update may eliminate your problems.

    You are probably right about your sound card not sounding very good in the first place. I would suggest getting either an Audigy or something on-par with the Audigy since you have some very nice speakers there.

    If you are really low on cash, I would even buy an "old" Sound Blaster Live because they are super cheap now and still sound really good. This makes a good bang for your buck deal.
  3. konman43

    konman43 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no support

    it is gone... no more website, they got bought out by creative, and i guess creative, bein the haters they are, aint gonna support the aureal cards no more. hate shellin out the cash, but i guess i might just buy an oem audigy, anybody got complaints bout that yet?
  4. Arris

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    I have an old Aureal Vortex 2 SuperQuad in my firewall PC.
    Once 3ds Thomas directed me to this site which is the best one I have seen for Vortex support even though it is probably best to upgrade (now run a Hercules Fortissimo 2 which is excellent and I would recommend unless you want 5.1 output)...

    VortexOfSound Xp Driver info - I think they confirm the lack of drivers and nothing much else :(
  5. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    I would go for either an OEM Audigy player or a SBLive!5:1 if you can still get hold of 1, as either of these cards should improve your listening pleasure dramatically, and both should be fairly cheap.
  6. vegasgmc

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    I have a SB Live that worked great in 98 but not well in 2000- sound comes out full blast, and even worse in XP- no sound at all. I actually had to format and reinstall XP after installing the new SB XP drivers. From what I hear Im not alone in this. Im going to get a Hercules or one of the new Phillips cards. I havent heard of any problems with those.
  7. TS | Thomas

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    The Philips card are bit more "iffy" in Windows XP than Hercules are, check out the Philips forums over on http://3dsoundsurge.com
    very problematic.
  8. ALPHAX1

    ALPHAX1 TS Rookie

    =======AUDIGY LEADS=======

    At this time the Audigy chipset is the best of the best in the whole world :hotbounce

    I recommand u to buy it the bulk AUDIGY at 50-60 $ & it has big perfomances!!!:eek:

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