Upgrading Sony Vaio

Apr 17, 2007
  1. Hello, I am having problems up grading my Sony Vaio power supply.
    I have a VGC-Ra834G desktop and I am trying to upgrade the video card but require more watts and amps, my current power supply is a Delta Elect. DPS 400LB A Rev. 4
    Sony part number 1-468-851-14 47 Hz – 63Hz out put 364.7 watts max
    +5v = /22a +5vsb / 1.8a
    +12v-1 /12a +12v.2 / 12a
    +3.3v / 20a +12v –sp / 1.2a
    - 12v /0.2a
    I need at least 500 watts at around 28 amps to run the new graphics card I have tried to call Sony boloney and as most of you know they are no help. I was hoping that some one could tell me if there was a power supply that would fit this case and give me enough power to run my card. I have called Delta and they refer me to Sony so I have been going in circles with this issue.
    So if there someone out there that knows of away to rectify this situation besides throwing this thing in the dumpster and starting over please respond. Thanks in advance for your help.
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