urgent help needed :( pc wont start

By nosgothhunter
Dec 7, 2005
  1. hi :)
    urgent help needed. I have just brought a pc off the net and have recived it today. I started it up and all worked fine but then i was installing broadband and had to reset. After i reset my pc got into what can only be called a loop. It starts up and gets to loading XP window..then suddenly resets again! and does the same over and over like in a loop. what can i do? I need to get it sorted as its a birthday present for some one and there brithday is pretty soon :( Please HELP!!
    P.s i have checked the site i brought it from and they said they do not deal with problems by e mail i would have to send it back for £30 not refundable :( and could take 30days :( PLEASE HELP!!
  2. vnf4ultra

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    Sometimes a bad power supply can cause what you explained. It will just turn off then restart if the power supply is the problem. Another possible cause would be if the pc is overclocked(made to run faster than it's designed to), but you don't mention whether the pc is new/used or custom built or prebuilt, so not sure if that could be the problem. I guess it might be caused by bad ram as well.

    Ok, so if you can, find out the specs(brand, wattage, amperages, etc) of the power supply(it's the metal box at the top back of the case that the power wires go to), if it turns out to be a known low quality make, it's likely suspect.

    To check the ram, you could download and run this.
    Let it run 5 times(500%) and don't run anything else while doing so.

    To check if it's overclocked you could download and run cpu z.
    Report back the processor name and the core speed.

    Hopefully we can find out what the problem is for you.
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