US government reaffirms commitment to BlackBerry smartphones

By Leeky
Apr 6, 2012
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  1. It has been a troubling couple of years for smartphone maker Research in Motion, whose BlackBerry line of smartphones has been suffering with continually declining sales, executives leaving en-mass, and…

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  2. Superpeter

    Superpeter TS Member Posts: 49

    Blackberries need to be (@least the ones I've purchased)more resilient. My last two BB's were fragile pieces of work. One of my previous ones broke falling from the sitting part of a couch onto a carpeted floor!! Living room soft carpet, not industrial/commercial crap. Though they don't seem to have the personal info archiving/tracking issues of the other big two (iOs/Android). I vaguely remember them having that issue where their network shut down for a bit at the end of last year but for the most part, I have fond memories of using the BlackBerry Os and i really enjoyed their QWERTY keyboard..if their phones were better, I might be enticed to give them another try.
  3. Of course the US government will keep purchasing them. They love wasting tax payers money.
  4. They purchase them because they're secure, and can be configured centrally.

    iPhones would be a lot more popular, but they're wildly insecure. Android isn't very secure either, unless you use something like the NSA build, but I don't think the government really wants to get into the handset "making" business.

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