USB 2.0 Ext Hard Drives

By phonb
Sep 25, 2008
  1. 1. Are they fast enough for streaming video / audio files?
    2. Are they reliable when copying data without corruption?
    3. Can they be left plugged in without overheating?
    4. Are the lower to middle end drives noisy? ( I work with audio recording )

    I'm on a budget so I'm not looking at the high end drives. I've got my eye on a 1TB Calvary, Seagate, Lacie, or Fantom drive priced around $150.00

  2. Jerk

    Jerk TS Rookie Posts: 24

    they r not bad, but becarefull with your data,
    the bigger the drive, the worse it can be for data corruption.

    what meant with this is... don't feel save with your data in it,
    cus once in a while they fail and all in it have to go away.

    and about the over heating, i won't worry about that.
    and abut the rest, yeah they are ok for all of that.
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