USb/ Sound porblems In XP home, Tried almost everything...HELP!!!

By Soul Relic
Dec 30, 2005
  1. I am having problems with the sound and USb's have tried just about everything i know of, not sure what the reistry values should say, as of now:

    Hkey Current config system curent control set enum USB:
    [ab] (Default).......... reg_sz....................value not set

    so beside this, i have tried everything else i know of, have researched and found; and can think of. Would this be corrected in debugging and/or flashing a bios update. How intensive and effective is debugging, vs potentially having more problems with the upgrade? Will bios upgrades fix problems? Or would the debugging be best done before/ after upgrade? Are there freeware programs that are worth using to correct problems in the registry, in the code, and whereever else needs to be fixed.

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  2. gooderguy

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    We could use more info on what kind of problem your having with sound and USB.

    Are they not working at all. If not, check in the BIOS to make sure they are enabled.

    Are the drivers installed and working?

    Was it all working before, have you tried doing a System Restore.

    You can try removing the drivers and re-installing them with motherboard driver CD.

    If it's random problems, maybe trying disabling startup applications in MSCONFIG.

    Good luck.
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