User Account Failiure?

By Desthro
Jul 25, 2005
  1. I am running WinXP Pro, and I was experimenting with user accounts, and had an account name "Administrator" on my computer. I was using that and I amde a nother administrator account named "multipleins." I shut down my computer tonight on the account "Administrator" and when I booted up this morning, my "Administrator" account was not present on the list of user accounts to log in to. I logged into the "multipleins" account, and found that all of the "Administrator" account information was still on the hard disk. What the heck is going on! I tried Recreating the Administrator account, but it said it already existed as a user account name. The Administrator accound also doesn't show up in the users option in the control panel.
  2. Desthro

    Desthro TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright, I used system restore, because it seemed to be a windows system issue, and it worked! :knock: But I am still curious as to why this would happen, especially if I didn't delete the account manually. Any suggestions anyone?

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  3. just_a_nobody

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    The administrator account is a standard account on XP. Should you have problems with your new account, you should be able to log into the administrator account and attempt to fix problems. Since you made another admin account, XP probably hid the usual admin account, so others wouldn't be able to access it easily. I don't know if that is the real reason, or not, just my theory.
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