Valorant just tied Fortnite for most concurrent Twitch viewers with 1.7 million watching...

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Valorant, previously codenamed "Project A," is a CS:GO style 5v5 shooter with an almost Overwatch look to it. The closed beta for the game launched today with several streamers coordinating with Riot to broadcast gameplay. The developer also gave some of the influencers beta invites to give away to viewers, so it is probably not too surprising that it attracted so many people wanting to not only get a glimpse of the gameplay but also have a chance to get in on it.

Fortnite's big haul was when Epic destroyed the map with a massive black hole to usher in Chapter Two of the game. More than 73 million unique viewers visited for that event, with the concurrent count peaking at 1.7 million. Valorant has also topped 1.7 million simultaneous spectators, but total unique viewer count is unknown at this time.

Comparisons between the two streams may not be entirely fair since Fortnite's was purely organic with people coming in just because they were curious to see what was going on. At the same time, Valorant's broadcast is a coordinated effort to promote the game. It may also have been helped by the more significant number of people staying at home looking for things to do while they wait out the coronavirus.

Still, 1.7 million people all gathered at once to watch other people play a game is pretty staggering.

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I tried watching this game but streamers were just replaying VODs and adding commentary, not like streaming. Is there specific times they let people play the game I'm missing? Rewatching VODs is boring.


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May want to fix part of the title and wording in the article. No streamer is giving anything away. DrLupo, NRG Lulu or Bnans didnt do anything. Twitch is giving the invites not the streamer. All a viewer has to do is watch n hope for a invite. Dont forget to link your Riot account to your Twitch account.


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If you watch these streams you have a change of getting access to the game. 100% it makes an impact plus the current pandemic and lack of new competitive FPS.
No, Valorant didn't tie anything with views. Please stop false advertising the hype. The ONLY reason they had that many views is because they abused Twitch's drop system and FORCED people to have to watch 2 hours of a stream to be eligible for a drop of the key. They cheated the views plain and simple and guess who had to literally pay for a free product? The twitch userbase. How about you gamesites start calling out the game companies and twitch for extorting money from its users for a free product. The streamers combined made millions off this ****. It's not right. RiotGames should had just an email signup on their site as well for another way to get the key.