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Very slow processing Lightroom

By ikiri · 5 replies
Apr 10, 2009
  1. Hi all,

    I have used lightroom to process most of my photos for quite some time,
    recently, the lightroom 1.4 i was using started to lag my com, the CPU usage is 100% all the time i use lightroom.

    So i upgraded from 1.4 to lightroom 2, but the problem persisted...

    Anyone can help?

    Btw, my com just 'recovered' from a Malware infestation, hope this helps

  2. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    It is possible that the 'recovery' wasn't complete. Suggest you go through the Virus and Malware Removal steps below, then attach the 3 logs for review. Best if you move over to the Virus and Malware forum and start new thread with the logs:
  3. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,759   +2,431

    Adobe's "bridge" software is notoriously memory hungry, Also, as your catalog expands the program will take longer and longer to initialize.

    It takes much, much longer to initialize folder display with thumbnails than via "list" display.

    You should also check out your startup apps and running processes. Oftentimes, people have the need to shut down some of these, due to the high system requirements of photo editing software.

    This is not to say that you don't still have problems with malware, that may very well be true, and it's the first thing you should investigate
  4. bobcat

    bobcat TechSpot Paladin Posts: 688   +67

    Of course, you should first target the specific problem as advised by the 2 experts above.

    After that, and whatever the degree of success, your computer can always benefit from further gains in speed by not carrying too many unnecessary handicaps on its back, which translates to not having to load and keep executing in the background unnecessary tasks and services.

    For a tut on this, see:

    Guide for making your Windows run faster
  5. ikiri

    ikiri TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the suggestions, will go try it out....

    but if this helps...
  6. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    ikiri, even if you didn't have malware, your system would probably be slow. You have a large number of running processes, a large number of processes being loading at startup from the Startup menu and Registry (04) and a large number of Services (23) probably set to Automatic Startup.

    But you do have malware so let's work on that:
    1. You have some temp files that means you probably didn't run CCleaner:
    This is found in Step 2 of the Virus & Malware Removal post

    2. You have an entry related to the Daemon Tools entry that is locked and would not allow the AV to scan it:
    SPTD is used by Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%. It is known to be incompatible with kernel-mode debugging including WinDbg and Microsoft's other command line debuggers as well as SoftICE.
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