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Aug 28, 2004
  1. Ok a friend sent me here and he said you guys really helped him out. And I have come to the end of my rope and need some help cause I cant figure it out.
    Ok let me start by saying I have the most updated drivers I could find for my graphics, sound, and mother board. I am having 2 problems with my pc so I will explain one at a time ok.
    All my pc specs are under my bio but let me save you some time-

    Mother board - Asus p4s8x

    memory - 2 sticks PC 2100 512 ddr

    graphics card - ATI 9800 (pro)

    processor - Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz

    Sound - Creative audigy gamer (with creative 5.1 surround)

    160 gig hard drive (80 gig external - forgot which brands they are)

    350 wats of power

    I have 5 fans running a copper after market fan on the processor to keep that cool

    ok first problem - When playing a game I am alright for 1/2 and hour or so then I get an error message "vpu recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphic driver commands"
    or the screen goes black I can still hear the sound but cant se or move, orrr (yes theres more) the screen freezes and I get a repeating looping sound and I have to restart after all of these.
    and it happens all the time i can count on at least once a night while playing games.

    Second problem everytime I reset my computer or turn it on the sound card resets the speakers back to 2.1 instead of the 5.1 it shoud be and I have to reset it by using the diagnostic part of the program.

    I know this is a lot but I am burnt on this one and could use any help anyone could offer me would be greatly appreciated

    I have turned off the VPU recover (my friend said I should do that) but still freezing and just going black.

    Thank you :D
  2. Godataloss

    Godataloss TS Rookie Posts: 482

    power supply

    the sound card problem is secondary
  3. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Welcome at TechSpot

    Godataloss hit the nail on the button. You need a stronger PSU, like 430-500Watt.
    Look for trusted brands such as Enermax or Antec TruePower series.
    If you plan on replacing your graphics card with one of the new ATI or NVidia cards, go for a 550W.

    Your sound-settings might be a registry-problem. Perhaps you can set the 5.1 somewhere else as well other than in Diag?
  4. jaded121286

    jaded121286 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you sooo much for awhile there I thought it might be the memory and was thinking of trying to to pc 2700 instead but that does sound very possible I have a lot of things hooked to my computer granted thier not all running at the same time but the 9800 is a power hog and the sound card isnt much better. I will look around I might as well go for the 550 now cause I do plan on upgrading as soon as I can. again thank soo much and I will keep you up to date on this.
  5. raising-dead

    raising-dead TS Rookie

    same problem, but is it?


    i recently buillt my comp, and increasingly i am having the same problem he is, a message comes up after i freeze black, it is such a headache and after paying so much money for a non-crappy system package i really want this to be fixed, it fails every restart , yes more frequent when i launch warcraft, i am running windows XP with service pack 2

    specs =

    Motherboard : Intel Desktop board D915GAG

    Memory : 2 sticks pc2700 512 DDR - totaling 1022mb of RAM

    Graphics card : ATI X300 series, 256mb card

    Processor : pentium 4, 3.0 Ghz

    Hard-drive(s) : 120 gig sata, secondary - 160 gig , both Western digital

    450 watts power supply

    running 2 harddrives, 2 fans, and CPU fan , also graphics card fan

    i been around the block for solutions to this they all looked primitive to my set up, referring to windows 98 and all, then i saw this, and apart from power it seems to be that same problem, what do you think?

    thanks so much
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