Video card not working now

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Dec 12, 2005
  1. i've had this computer since augest 2005
    the video card has worked PERFECTLY until yesterday when i tried booting it and the video was blank nothing was there

    i cleaned al the dust out of my computer
    the card still didnt show anything

    i took it out and cleaned it aswell

    the computer booted fine (twice)

    today i turned on my computer and now i have no video, i tried resseting the BIOS and now i dont have sound video or beeps NOTHING happends exept it turned on.

    the lights to the front come on and my wireless card light comes on.

    i cannot do anything to the bios or sofware as i cant see or hear anything

    please help me
    i do not have any money to buy any new gear

    i use an asus motherboard thats all i know without looking for an hour at the comuter writing stuff down
  2. DonNagual

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    You can try resetting CMOS to see if that'll get you back into your bios, but it sounds to me like possibly your PSU has given up on you (just a guess). Do you by chance have another computer to test another PSU on your system?

    By the way, resetting CMOS depends on your motherboard. Some mobos have CMOS jumpers which make it easy. There will be 3 pins lined up, with a jumper connecting 2 of the pins, for example the 2 on the left. You simply switch the jumper to the 2 pins on the right (for example) for 30 secs, and then back to orginal position. This resets CMOS for you.

    If your board does not have jumpers, then you must remove the CMOS battery for 30 mins or so. In any case, for both methods be sure you have unplugged the PSU, and removed PSU connections from your motherboard before doing any of this.
  3. Yautja

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    i HAVE reset the CMOS and the bios at the same time i have already switched pins and everything and no i cant test the cpu on another computer

    i reset accourding to my manual i got with the board and it did not instruct me to remove the psu so i left it in and havent touched the psu for fear of ****ing something up that i cant fix
  4. DonNagual

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    Sounds to me like it is time to take it in to a pro then.
  5. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Just to give you the good news, if I am right, PSUs are very cheap, and easy to install.

    If I am wrong then since you are not getting any beeps, I would have to assume that it is either the motherboard or the CPU. If it was your video card, you motherboard would give you a beep signal. If it was your RAM you would also get beeps.

    And since you can't even get into bios, it has to be either the mobo, the CPU or the PSU as far as I can tell.

    See what some others say.
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