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Jan 31, 2007
  1. All i have are PCI ports on my computer

    right now i have the radeon 9250 as my pci video card, and am thinking about upgrading my motherboard

    if i decide not to are there any better video cardas with PCI output, not pci express
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    The Radeon x1300 video card by ATI is possibly the best you can get for a PCI-slot graphics card.

    However, the amount of money that would be spent on a Radeon x1300 PCI would almost be as much as a new motherboard. So what I suggest is that instead of getting the top PCI video card (which is still very low-end), that you instead get a new more upgradeable motherboard, which will cost almost the same as the x1300.

    I strongly suggest that you do not invest in getting a nice PCI video card. The best PCI video card will be outperformed by an AGP/PCI-Express video card that costs less.

    That would be my suggestion on what you should do, post back if you want some links.
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  4. Element

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    well im running into not being able to find someone with a windows media center edition disk, im gonna work on finding it so i can upgrade my mobo

    i wonder though if i get the home edition installation of xp if it will work with my media center edition if i just want to to the repair after the motherboard upgrade, because i know it wont run unless i do that
  5. SNGX1275

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    I saw your thread. I think you are pretty much out of luck. Your media center key won't work for home edition. And your key is tied to your motherboard, technically you are allowed to replace the motherboard if it dies with the OEM lisence, but it being an emachines microsoft may pick up on that and not let you.
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