Videocard driver problem

By Saljr
Jun 3, 2008
  1. hi guys, i have a AIW Radeon X800xt and im having a wierd driver problem. i cant get rid of the Catalyst 7.10 drivers. ill install a different version and then a couple of days later they magically reinstall themselves. even when i uninstall them from control panel after reboot windows finds and installs 7.10 drivers. has anyone else had this problem?
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    BTW, when you say you uninstall them from the Control Panel, that should be from Add and Remove Programs instead of from the Device Manager. If you try to do so from the Device Manager, it will reinstall every time.
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    What is AIW ?

    Thats right,most users don't need the Catalyst Control Panel.
    Go to ATI update where it's explained in the driver download section
    I have the Radeon x1650.
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