Virus Help?  Logonui.exe

By Alibama2
Mar 3, 2009
  1. Good morning.

    Not sure if you guys can help with this but I am hoping you can!

    My husband was on the computer yesterday and AVG popped up and said he had a virus and then the computer went down. He didn't get to see what kind of virus or anything. When I turn on the computer it comes up with this error logonui.exe 0x005f0664. If you hit enter on this several times it will bring you to a log in screen (we dont normally see this) it ask for a password (which we dont have set up) if you click on enter it starts loading the computer and starts to come up with the regular screen. one time I loaded the regular screen and automatically opened the internet and was trying to load pages. It did that once then froze now it never finishes loading the screen at all. I tried going on in safe mode but it wont let me run the virus software. It says my license is no good. (it is the free version and was working fine). I can't get on the internet to download any of the programs you suggested in the 8 step program. (I am using a differnt computer now). Not sure what steps to take now? I am using Windows XP Media Edition.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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