Virus one - me zero

By deeay03
May 26, 2009
  1. Okay, I was trying to find an older version of some software and ended up on a bad site. Everything hit the fan from there. I use webroot as my protector. Its seems the problem is in $recycle.bin webroot found it I deleted it, and it ended up there still reaking havoc. I couldn't open any folders it would just pop up and lock up. So i decided to reinstall vista. Let the virus win and do a fresh install of vista. NOPE!!! warning popped up! This computer doesn't have enoug space for temporary files. You need 448 megabytes. Um... My hard drives are plenty free for that. the one vista sits on is 80GB other two over 250GB. what the hell. I just want my computer back up and working.

    Someone please help me. I am about to yack my hair out. I am about to reinstall XP and then reinstall viasta all over again.. OMG
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  3. deeay03

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    OMG thank you so much!!!
  4. Bobbye

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    Please attach the three logs from the program for review in your next reply
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