Virus Protection and Removal Software Suggestions

By bbBird9043
Sep 1, 2009
  1. I've been wondering lately what I should use as a virus removal and protection software. I've searched on the web to see what other people suggest but most of them you have to pay for and if you don't then you don't get all around protection.

    Norton I hear is one of the worst virus protection software you could have because it gives people more problems then the viruses do. So Norton is a defiant no, plus it slows down your computer a lot.

    AGV I've heard is good even the free version. Yes...No...Maybe?

    BitDefender I've used to have and it was good... but the free version that I also tried gave me a lot of problems but the paid full version didn't.

    AVAST is another one that I've tried and I personally didn't like it. It gave me problems as well.

    Right now I have Malwarebytes, the free version, on my computer because recently I couldn't even get onto my computer without it restarting at the Windows loading screen so I just wiped my drive and did a clean installation of Windows again and I'm just getting this back up and working so this will give a new start.

    Before I did the clean installation of Windows the free version of BitDefender found a virus called Trojan.Vundo.GMM. I did constant scans and it couldn't get rid of it.

    If you have any suggestions that would be oh so helpful, as well as if you have any other advise of what to watch out for with certain programs like Norton:rolleyes:.

    Thank you!
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    Only My Personal Opinons here...
    I like Avast OR Avira for antivirus.
    I like Comodo or Online Armor for firewall (some here like Kerio by Sunbelt).
    I like MBAM, SAS, AdAware, and Spybot S&D for Antispyware.

    Others may add to this list... or have more to say re: some of your specific questions.

    You asked about AVG... It has an excellent track record.
    Recently however, we have noticed a number of people having difficulties with AVG8.

    Please NOTE: You should have one of each, and no more than one of each installed... Antivirus and Firewall.

    Antispyware falls into another category, and multiple programs may be good, but only as long as you do not have real-time scanning enabled on more than one.

    The 8 Steps offers some excellent suggestions on all types of security software.
    I would start with the eight steps found here...

    If you have Vundo, that will require special cleaning steps beyond the 8-steps, but they remain your starting point.
    When you have carefully followed those directions, then post your logs in a new thread in this forum,
    and one of the trained malware helpers will be able to assist you.

    ALSO... Please be sure to read the three stickies by Julio at the top of this board!
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