Vista 64 Disc Recognize Problems

By Macsimus
Sep 2, 2008
  1. Hey all, just upgraded from Windows Xp 64 to Vista 64, and have run into one problem. Everything works fine except whenever I place a disc into the DVD-RW it will not read it. Whether it be a Systems disc, Software disc, or Burned disc it keeps attempting to read it and slows and eventually halts explorer. I've updated everything I could find, all MB Driver's, Bios, all Vista updates, DVD firmware you name it. The DVD-RW drive is detected in both Bios and Device Manager, Ive tried uninstalling it in DM to no avail and tried changing the jumpers. I know the DVD-RW drive works cause i can boot from the Vista DVD from Bios. Did find something interesting when fidling with the Primary and Secondary IDE's don't know if this is pertinent. I saw someone recommend putting the Primary IDE Master(HDD/OS) and the Primary IDE Slave (DVD-RW) but I cant reach between the two. When i switch the Primary IDE (Normally 2 HDD) with the Secondary IDE (DVD-RW) I cant boot from the HDD. I tried placing the DVD on Primary Master and the OS HDD on Primary Slave (As it cant reach Primary Master with the DVD-RW on Primary Slave) but I couldn't boot from the HDD. Any and all help would be appreciated as of now I cant load any discs!

    MB: Asus P5N-E SLI
    DVD-RW: DRU-840a

    P.S. Made a similar thread but the Info didn't come out right and now its old an i cant delete it.
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