Vista Home Startup Issues

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Sep 28, 2008
  1. Hello, recently my computer running Windows Vista Home Premium encountered a number of problems after booting. All of my problems started one day when I got on my computer to notice it had an error for some program not initializing. Me being the ******* that I am I just clicked okay without paying too much attention to what exactly it was. After clicking okay it popped up with another initialization error, so I kept clicking... It did this about 4 or 5 times and finally stopped on a black screen with nothing but my cursor in the middle. I figured it was just a problem with explorer or something so I restarted my computer, only for it to come back to the same black screen with a cursor.

    I decided my best option was to try to use the windows vista install disk and repair the startup. So I booted to the disk and clicked "Repair Your Computer". It brought up a screen with 6 or so options. I went to "Startup Repair" and it scanned for a second and said that nothing was wrong with my installation. So I then tried System Restore. I picked a restore point that was 2 days earlier and it seemed to be successful. After the restore my computer restarted and booted into windows. Problem Solved, right? Wrong.

    Now, once it boots it gets to the desktop and loads everything fine and then a screen comes up that says "Windows Installer" and in that window it says "Preparing to Install..." This window is clearly trying to load something but it never does anything. It just sits at "Preparing To Install..." for hours. If I click cancel it changes to "Preparing to Cancel..." and still does nothing.

    And this is only the least of my troubles. Now its giving me random BSOD's which show me a different error each time. Everytime I try to access a system folder, It BSOD's. If click start, It BSOD's. After a BSOD, windows boots to a page that suggests I use the Startup Repair. So I go into the vista DVD and run Startup Repair, sometimes It will "attempt to repair" and other times it says nothing is wrong. And it only seems to be getting worse with every fix that I try.

    Please, someone help me before I fix this thing with a baseball bat.
  2. BillAllen55

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    A baseball bat can do wonders for ones sanity. Not much for computers.
    For anyone to tell you they have never encountered this type of problem I would tell them they have not been around many computers. I would first set the baseball bat down (at least temporarily) And read this review and give some thought to carefully following the directions. There may be windows installation program issues going on. I would first recommend trying the 8 step approach. Amazing what it can do!
  3. nickc

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    and if that does not work, a back up of all important things, format and reinstall of windows will fix the problem.
  4. kimsland

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  5. BillAllen55

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    Thank you for your suggestion. I was unaware of the latest and greatest!
    Will definitely quote the update guide moving forward.
    Thank you.
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