Vista loosing audio service

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Apr 21, 2009
  1. Hi, every time I shut down my PC which is running Vista Ultimate with all the latest drivers etc, when I turn it on again the little speaker sign down in the bottom right hand corner has a red cross next to it. If I put my mouse over it a sign pops up "The audio service is not running". If I then right click on it and click on play back devices it says " The computer cannot play audio because Windows Audio service is not enabled. Would you like to enable windows audio service.". I click yes and a sign says Volume applet comes up and I press continue and then I have sound and can play anything I want. However, when I turn my PC off and then back on again, I have to start from the beginning again. Please advise.

    As an aside, I have noticed that if I ever go to a site and it says "you need active X" and I download it, the next time I go to a similar site it says the same thing. Do you think the problems are related?

    Thanks Stephen
  2. SNGX1275

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    Go to the start menu, and type in 'services.msc' without the '

    Scroll down to Windows Audio, and see if that is set to Automatic startup type. If not, switch it to that.
  3. LookinAround

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    Agree with SNGX1275's advice. And here's is (IMHO) one of the handiest tools to help view and/or change your Windows Services and Driver settings. Download Serviwin

    When it starts you can click View to switch between Services and Drivers

    As noted, see that the Audio service StartupType= Automatic

    i don't think that this is related to your ActiveX issue tho..... but report back and let us know if any change
  4. Stonking

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    Thanks all but I have tried that and yes its on Automatic but when I turn off and then turn on again, I have lost sound and have to re-do the Windows Audio bit again. Any other ideas?

    On the other point, I have also noticed that it never saves flash player either. Everytime I go onto a site that requires it it asks me to download it to see the site, I download and everything is fine, but when I switch off and on again and want to visit the site again I have to download flash again. See why I think it could be one in the same problem.

    Regards and thanks for the help to date.

  5. LookinAround

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    1) Now that you verified StartupType=Automatic. Look what it says for Status.
    => If Status=Started that's good
    => If Status equal Stopped, that means it started but something is preventing it from running. Check your Windows Event Logs (System and Application) for relevant errors/warnings. See this post

    2) I'd advise going direct to Adobe website to download / install their latest flash and shockwave players. And confirm the latest installed OK
  6. Stonking

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    Yes It says stopped and so I am looking at the Event Log to see if I can see what did it but to be honest I am not sure what I am looking for. Can you give me a clue what it might say?

    Thanks Stephen

    Ok, I have found one that says "Faulting Application, Audiodg.exe" then vesrion and time etc. Any idea how I fix it?


  7. LookinAround

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    OK. So we now know problem is (at least in part if not totally) due to something that's preventing your Audio service from running

    [post=740652]Look at this post/thread[/post] to capture your Windows Event Log and attach it your next post. So we can look at it and data within
  8. Stonking

    Stonking TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    Sorry but how do you attach a file? I have both requested files on my desktop.
  9. LookinAround

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    Look for the paper clip icon when you create your post. If you don't see it you may have to click Go Advanced first (its under the message reply area) to see the full set of message icons (that appear above the message area)
  10. Stonking

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    Seem to be only able to do this one at the moment so I will upload it then try for the other.

    Here is the other
  11. LookinAround

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    First thing that bothers me even before your Audio issue are these messages in system log!
    The device, \Device\Harddisk0\DR0, has a bad block.
    You need to check your hard drive to fix filesystem problems (i'd also make sure you've done backups in case this is warning your drive might be faulty)

    You need to run Windows CheckDisk tool (and be sure it fixes bad sectors) but be sure to backup first.

    Also chkdsk tool may take a loooong time especially on large drives. Even it appears like chkdsk is hanging expect %complete display to take up to 30 minutes before it might change

    See this post for more info/what to do
  12. Stonking

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    I ran checkDisk about an hour ago with the repair yourself instruction , shut down and started up again and it ran and said it was fine so maybe the bad sector is on my D drive (I have partioned my drive C -60 gig operating system, and D 440 gig for films/photos music etc.
  13. LookinAround

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    I forget the tool that shows you the logical volume to device name mapping (\Device\Harddisk0\DR0 is the problem here) and you can check if perhaps these System log time stamps are BEFORE you ran chkdsk (maybe they're old messages not new)

    but to be safe, I'd first run chkdsk against all your writable volumes. Then keep an eye on system log to see if new events appear AFTER you've checked everything

    /* EDIT2 */
    in the meantime, i can look at your other log messages (especially the audio application fault!) but will take awhile before i can respond to it. But will get back to you about it - if someone else doesn't do so before i can :)
  14. Stonking

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    Ok, will do that now and maybe report back later tonight.

    Hi all, here's my update. Ran disc checker last night (took 3 hours) and it found bad segments , one of which was AudioDG.exe which it said it repaired / replaced. Goodnews I thought. This morning I turned the PC on and the little speaker symbol bottom right taskbar did not have a red cross next to it. More good news I thought. Tried to run music, nothing so I have attached the lastest logs. Any help gratefully received.
  15. LookinAround

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    Well, at least (i think?) we're making progress!

    I took a quick look but realized as i'm not sure of your time zone so i'm also not sure of relevant time stamps in your logs! Could you look at the logs and indicate the starting time stamp for new events after you repaired your disks?

    /* EDIT */
    Also, just to be thorough, check the status of the Audio Service. Is it =Started now? (pls just to double check)
  16. Stonking

    Stonking TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    Hi, I just checked and I can confirm its says started. As to time zone its 20.27 here right now, 24th April. I ran the logs just a couple of hours ago when I re-booted my PC, so about 18 hours after the disc repair.

    I do not know if this helps but if I try WMC i get the error C00D11B1. I have googled this but the solutions there have not helped.
  17. LookinAround

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    I suspect your WMC problem may just be a downstream result of your Audio issues

    Your logs were generated about 18:39:00 and I can clearly see the Bad Block messages stopped many hours earlier (which is good!)

    And i also see that audiodg.exe is still faulting (at 18:28:00) which my guess would be
    1) The file is corrupt (chkdsk fixed your disk but didn't repair the file properly) OR
    2) It's just not there!

    I gotta go see where it came from/how to reinstall but let's verify what you see first
    1. Does file C:\Windows\System32\audiodg.exe exist?
    2. If yes, download Hash Tab v2.3
    3. After installed, find the file again, rt click Properties
    => is there a Version tab ? What version is it???
    => click on the File Hashes tab. Rt click on the MD5 Hash value and paste it into your post (this will help verify if the file was corrupt if i can find the MD5 hash value for original we'll be installing)

    /* EDIT */

    Well, here's some interesting info on just what audiodg.exe is.

    Next, is still to find how best reinstall it. Do you have Vista install DVDs should it require a Windows repair installation procedure?
  18. Stonking

    Stonking TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    OK, here's the information.
    File version 6.0.6001.1800.
    Product version 6.0.6000.16386.
    MD5 Hash value 4D6042031B39DD365FE233A522D63644

    and yes I have the Vista DVD.

    Really appreciate your help on this.


  19. LookinAround

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    You're most welcome. Glad to help (and hope it's a successful conclusion!)

    Just an interesting observation
    1) Do you run 32- or 64- bit Vista? Click for how to determine whether you are running 32 or 64 bit windows
    2) i looked at friend's computer (who runs 32-bit vista) they have same file, same file version, DIFFERENT hash value.. so might well prove corruption.. we'll see (on their 32-bit Vista system it shows MD5 Hash Value: 2A3BD8FF5430F454E146974D6BE5C784

    Let's first attempt running Windows SFC to see if it's a protected file (if it is protected and windows see it's corrupted windows will replace it. It might ask you to insert DVD to do so). And whether it's protected or not is probably good to do after all those bad blocks!
  20. Stonking

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    Ok, Checked and its Windows 64.

    Ran the scan and it gets to 92% then says was unable to fix some of the files and that details are included in the CBS log at c\windir\logs\cbs\cbs.log which I cannot find or windows\logs\cbs\cbs.log which I can find but accessis denied.
  21. LookinAround

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  22. Stonking

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    ried typing it in but nothing happend. I tried cutting and pasteing findstr /c:"[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log >%userprofile%\Desktop\sfcdetails.txt and it said cannot find the path specified. Any ideas?
  23. LookinAround

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    My guess is you're getting a message like FINDSTR: Cannot open C:\Windows\logs\cbs\CBS.log?

    Note you must run the command from an elevated command prompt (i.e. one that's been granted admin privileges) else you get the error message above.

    (see the link i gave for the problem. it also has a link for elevated prompts - tho am guessing was just an oversight as u must have done i elevated prompt (i think) to do SFC ) :)
  24. Stonking

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    OK, trying again. I rebooted my PC at 1855 then went on line and went to post 19 in this thread. went to Command Prompt (which says at the top Administrator :command prompt) and ran SFC / scannow. Once again it got to 92 %, said it could go no further and that details are in CBS log. I cut and pasted from the link you gave me the line that says desktop etc but it just came up that it could not find the path specified. So I typed it all in because I noticed a few gaps in the cut a paste job but when I did that, nothing happeded at all. I check the desktop just in case something had sneaked on, nothing. Any more advice. Is there any other way to see the CBS log?

    Regards Stephen
  25. LookinAround

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    Hmm. very strange. Let;s break this into steps to see what's not right

    1) The top of your command window title has the word Administrator?. Is good! so this is OK

    Next, we'll break the command line into separate pieces. Note the way i have you enter it now, will cause any output to go directly to your screen (and not a desktop file) Enter
    findstr /c:"[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log
    Does it:
    a) Fail? (try to state the failure message, at least the start of it exactly)
    b) Run a few seconds but not give any output?
    c) You see lines of text scroll by

    c) is correct. BUT if b) it runs but it would appear findstr is not matching the string [SR]. So try entering this
    findstr /c:"I" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log
    should match many strings in cbs.log and at least tell us the files there and maybe is just a string match issue...
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