Vista run amok

By drjulian
Aug 12, 2008
  1. ...After several months of trouble free operation,Vista Ultimate is driving me nuts!
    ...New(refurb)desktop,specs above.
    ...Running Comodo firewall,Boclean,PCtools Threatfire.
    ...I defrag,virus check,every day,and one day noticed my disk space used had INCREASED with no new programs added.
    ...I started to remove unneeded programs,only made it worse,and finally did "repair" from installation disk,which put 2 ".old" files on disk,bigger than Windows files!
    ...Now I run Tree Size Free,or VisDir,and can SEE as much as 2GB added to file "system volume information" in less than 10 minutes,and when I try to see these files only get 100MB in "windows backup,windows image" with OVER 50GB of files.
    ...Ran Kasperski(sp?) and Windows One Care online scans,no malware,but tons of temp files.
    ...Glary shows 450+ duplicate files,but "you need permission" to delete.
    ...Sooo,if someone will PLEASE HELP,I think I need 3 things.
    ........(1) Desperately need a way to stop file "system volume info" from increasing.
    ........(2) Need to learn HOW to get permission to delete duplicates.
    ........(3) Need to learn how to format offline disk (all my backups are doing same thing now)
    ...I need the simplest direction I can get,and really appreciate all help,don't want to format "c",start over unless I must....Don Julian
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    Vista site

    Thanks for site,but I'm told XP and Vista handle registry different ways....DJ
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