Vista was a test for Windows 7

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May 22, 2010
  1. Has anyone noticed that Windows 7 feels faster (it isn't) and that Vista now feels like a purpose built precursor to test it? We have been guinea pigs!
  2. raybay

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    Well anybody who has studied the history knows that is not true... But it is true that VISTA is a version that was released before its time, and was not really ready for the public.

    Windows 7 does run faster on newer machines... easy to test. And VISTA does run slowly unless the computer was specifically designed for VISTA operation.
  3. insoman

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  4. raybay

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    How do you define, "superficial" ?
  5. insoman

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    I just mean that opening some windows is a lot quicker..if you click on a file or folder it opens immediately but encoding a DVD is the same so on the surface...(superficial) is quicker. I think this is pulling the wool over our eyes a bit. I'm not knocking it just analysing it....and I still feel that we we given Vista as a purpose built bug eliminator for Windows 7.. Looking back over Microsoft's releases we have had crap and then good following. Not a conspiracy but doesn't this all seem as though we are the programmers by default i.e. our feedback gets the next OS up and running smoothly. They have an idea and we deal with the mistakes while they make their money we tear our hair out.

    Not to get too deep or anything. I'd like to know if there is any basis in this or do no facts support it?
  6. ultragrey

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    The allegation is understandable. buying a program with hundred dollar and then see it slow do not make anyone feel cool.
  7. captaincranky

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    Dude, you just got this...? I mean really, how much difference is there between Vista "Aero" and Windows 7 "Aero"? And "Aero" was the big selling point of Vista. I've always called Vista the "beta"of Windows 7. Oh, before I forget, Win 7 caches memory the same as Vista, it just modifies the task manager to tell you that that RAM is "available". So now, nobody's howling "Win 7 has no available RAM", the way they did with Vista.

    Besides, who would you expect to pay for the R & D of Windows 7? I'm thinkin' it's the same dumb a** early adopters, that always need to be the first kids on their block to have something.
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