Vista/XP on ECS 671T-M not detecting internet

Sep 30, 2009
  1. Hey guys, I need some help with this dell that I just bought. I'm fairly computer savy, so you can keep that in mind.

    Well I bought a Dell 530 inspiron off ebay as temporary solution to my aging dell 8250 and before the seller sent it out he ran some tests and both cpu+mb had problems. I didn't want a refund so he had to replace the both cpu & mb. The replacement mb that he ordered was doa, so he ended up modifying the case & putting in a new ECS 671T-M & new Intel C2D e2180.

    It seems that everything was installed correctly; there are two HDDs, one w. Vista HP SP2 & another w. XP Media center ed.; it seems that all the needed drivers were installed for each.

    When I try connect to internet via Ethernet cable from LAN connection on mb to modem vista says it's an unidentified network. I have network discovery & file sharing on. I tried it in XP on the other HDD and it doesn't connect either, 'limited or no connectivity'. Both times it is not receiving any data. Sometimes it does automatically detects ip and subnet mask.

    I checked the device manager & in the SiS191 Ethernet Adapter it says it's installed & working. I tried updating the driver with the same results. I also tried installing an off board LAN card, same results. It connects to my dell 8250 via ethernet w/o a problem. Dunno where to go from here...
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    nvm, simply had to reboot modem for vista to recognize internet.
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