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Aug 10, 2002
  1. sup,
    hey i was just wondering if maybe u all could help me with my voice on c.s. i have went to voice tweak and voice setup on cs. i have also picked the f button for my talk button and the lil icon comes up and everything but it does not work. my mic works everywhere else but cs. is there some place i have to go turn it on? any sug.s i would appre.

    thank you,

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  3. PHATMAN5050

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    Which port on the soundcard are you using for your microphone? For mine, i'm using Line-In2/Mic2 so i had to change a setting in cs. The voice settings for CS are in the game go to Play Online, then to Customize and its somewhere in there. There should be two things about voice, enable voice, and enable microphone for voice, which i had to turn off because i was using Mic2.
  4. absinthe

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    Just a suggestion: maybe it is working and you just don't know it. I know when I first plugged my mic in for CS and started talking, I assumed it didn't work because the little icon came up and I was talking but no one answered. If this is the case, just keep talking and asking if anyone can hear you until someone replies or you get tired. :)

    Cuz I was convinced that my mic wasn't working, I even reformatted my system, and then finally in-game one guy said "YEAH, I CAN HEAR YOU"...so keep trying, maybe it's working and you just don't know it!

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    Hey ty for your replies
    Oh yeah im using win 98 plus. But n e way I can't find what ur talking about the custom menu. Please tell me where to find this im new to this game. ty
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    in console type voice_loopback 1... this will allow you to hear if your mic is working... then type start run sndvol32, and go to mic, make sure volume is completely up... after that go to the advanced button on mic, and make sure the mic boost +20db is checked..

    If this doesnt work go to counter strike, then at the main menu, play cs, customize, and make sure voice transmit volume, and voice receive volume is completely up.

    If THIS doesnt work go to c:\sierra\half life\voice_tweak.exe, or whatever your hl dir is. Run that exe and make sure +20db is checked and volume is up, other wise check to see if mic is in right spot, and is plugged in snugly, and that there is no mute/volume switch on your mic cord (i know mine has a control attached to the cord to adjust volume and mute.)

    hope this helps

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    Thank You

    Thanks everyone for your replies my mic is now up and running.
  8. cabrone

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    would you mind filling us in on how you got it working?
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