VXD blue screen of death before Win 98 install complete

By mdague · 5 replies
Mar 20, 2006
  1. Ok, I’m back again here is the problem. I am getting a
    0028:C0005338 in VXD VMM(01) + 00004338 blue screen of death!

    I was installing Windows 98 after a fresh FDISK & FORMAT. Doing the install and it went into it’s normal restart to finish at 16 minutes left but then upon restart it went into above problem.

    Yes this is the same @#$W#% wonderful computer I had problems getting XP on but it just ran way to sloooow (I mean excruciatingly slow) so putting WIN 98 back on. It has went much faster and easier until this little glitch.

    (If my memory serves me right this is a graphics thing… VXD … yeah that’s all I got up there…) :monkey:
  2. lewekleonek

    lewekleonek TS Rookie Posts: 55

    This sounds like a (V)irtual (M)emory (M)anager crashing.
    This could be your hardware - RAM possibly? But you never know.
    Before you go ahead with Opearating System install it'd be nice to do some diagnostics.
    But before, open the case and re-sit the memory modules as well as CPU (make sure that CPU fan is working). Remove all the dust from inside of the case.
    Then run memory test memtest+ - http://www.memtest.org (download bootable ISO image - burn it - and boot your computer using it).
    Then get the diagnostics utility for your hard drive - from the manufacturer web site (the HDD manufacturer). Run the full test/scan - not the quick one. Make sure you have S.M.A.R.T enabled for you hard drive in your BIOS settings.

    Once you rule out hardware problems and overheating you can start looking at other things (corrupted files due to scratched Windows 98 CD-ROM etc.)

    Good luck!
  3. mdague

    mdague TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ~Okay I will attempt to do this that you indicated. I downloaded the file but have not had the time to understand let alone do.

    I was told this morning by a local computer business that
    • 1 sounds like windows did not install properly
    • 2 the hard drive is corrupted and needs a low level format (which will cost me $60)

    ~Thinking of throwing in this hard drive I have sitting here and see if it does it works with that one...
    ~Haven't looked it up "yet" but what exactly is that and how hard is it to do, can I do that?

    What order should I try these three ~ in. I would rather eastiest first but I know that logic is better so what say you?

    (should this be listed as a software or hardware issue?)
  4. mdague

    mdague TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Here is where I am:

    • Dust gone from the first opening last weekish, surprisingly wasn't much.
    • I used test memtest, new version, ran all 12 tests more than once to catch the intermit problems. Everything went great and all with no memory errors.
    • Next put a good hard drive in and tried to install Win 98 on to it and received errors and it would not complete.
    • I looked at the Win98 CD and it looks in excellent condition so the scratches thought would be out.
    I had other suggestions,one being low-level formatting the hard drive but if this happened on the second hard drive, which I know is good, then I’m thinking there is no need.

    . . . . What the heck??? This system is old. I always take care of my computers but once I gave it to my older brother well… this place is damp, very damp and he has had it for 5 years. So here is a question that could prove how little I know about this stuff…. could it be the processor??

  5. alidabiri

    alidabiri TS Rookie Posts: 441

    before you install 98, test yoru ram once stick at a time. check that your power supply is adequate (you need about 350-450 to run mos pc's now).
    check the disk drive using chkdsk /f. unplug any usb devices.
    i suspect it's ram. have you fdisked and formatted the drive after xp?
  6. lewekleonek

    lewekleonek TS Rookie Posts: 55

    Anyone charging you $60 for low level HDD format is taking advantage of you. What is the manufacturer of your hard drive? I will post links to their diagnostics utilities.
    Did you check your CD-ROM drive? Was it lately giving you trouble reading CDs?
    Run checkdisk utility as recommended in previous post.
    If you have a bootable Windows 98 floppy, boot from it.
    Then when you're in dos issue the following commands (this will wipe out all the data on your HDD):
    c:\> fdisk /mbr (this will make sure that your Master Boot Record is fine).
    Then run:
    c:\> fdisk
    Remove all the partititions and create one big fat32 partition (do it to have a clean start). You'll be asked to reboot the computer. Do such, but leave Windows 98 floppy inside. Once it boots you're back to dos prompt:
    c:\> format c:
    Anser yes and off you go... this will format your drive. After formatting is finished run check disk util:
    c:\> chkdsk /f
    Once disk is scanned for errors and errors are fixed run setup.
    c:\> setup
    Let me know what happened.
    Would be nice if you've posted some specs of this machine, i.e. motherboard, cpu, memory, cd-rom, hard drive(s) etc.
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