Want 40-60 FPS without upgrading graphics card


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Hey, I have a Pavilion DV5 laptop with a Intel HD graphics card.
I play MineCraft Mainly, and it is about 10 FPS on a good day..
Is there any tips I can use?
(For minecrafters, I have tried optifine)
I have tried going into properties and setting to program to high priority,
I have tried clearing my cache
And I have tried gameboost or whatever, that makes games faster.
Would really help if I could get some answers! :)


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Intel HD graphics means you don't have a graphics card. It uses the CPU.

Pretty much, either buy a card, or turn the game settings way down. It's actually pretty demanding.


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That's weird, because I played Minecraft with FPS above 25 (was fluid, never checked) on my Dell Latitude E5500 which has a GMA 4500 MHD integrated Intel adapter. St1ckM4n it's a laptop, he can't just buy a new card, it's not that simple.


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Woops, I completely missed the laptop part haha. :D

So yeah. Uninstall random junk, use game booster, and turn down visuals.


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Turn down render distance to low or medium or if you have to very low. And if you have an hd texture pack installed uninstall it