"Warning: cannot unlock primary hdd" Can't boot into OS

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Hey guys my friends nec versa - Versa E2000 gives her "Warning: cannot unlock primary hdd" whenever she starts her computer. It has had an history of being nasty, and she has had to play with BIOS settings before in order to be able to boot in(such as the master password), but she says that this is a different problem as it is acting differently. I spent the last few hours searching around on the net trying to find a way to solve this.(she lives far away from me, so I can't get hands-on, otherwise I might have been more help).

This problem only occurs after bios has done it's thing, when it tries to boot into windows. She says that it just randomly started happening although her norton anti-virus was refusing to update before hand.

-Edit(wow quick, huh xD) http://support.necam.com/mobilesolu.../VersaUltraltDaylt/Docs/819-200887-000web.pdf is her BIOS if anybody is interested, also, when searching through the official site found her error code(she found it now me, iono where the official page even lies, google didn't pull it up when I searched it, xD) and has now moved onto: "operating system not found".

I am completely out of my league, and if you have an ideas or suggestions they would be warmly welcomed.


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Physically plug the harddrive into IDE1 (The CD ATA cable) unplugging the CD
And try again
I believe m/b fault, swapping the IDE ports may fix it.
Temporarily !
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Fixed itself

Well this is weird, it has suddenly started working properly again, she's getting a new laptop soon anyways, she just wanted to save some of the files on there.

Thank you for your help anyways.
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