Watching my PC's files on my TV?

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Mar 18, 2007
  1. I've got various shows/movies on my PC that I'd like to watch on my TV.

    My graphics card is a 6800; I know it is possible, but am not sure about the cables required - my TV has scart sockets, one of which is marked as accepting s-video. I'd like a cable that was around 10-12 feet long.

    Anyone know what I need to get?

    Thanks, Gubar.
  2. sw123

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    Your video card is sufficient

    Something like This?
  3. MetalX

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    You probably won't be able to read what's on the TV unless you connect it using an HD connection. This would be Component cables, DVI, or HDMI. S-video just isn't high enough quality to be used to connect a computer to a TV, and anything less than an HDTV is not clear enough to be able to use computer on.
  4. gubar

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    and thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I don't have a high def TV, but it should be ok since I don't intend to use it for actually working with my computer; just outputting video from my PC to watch on my TV. I'm sure a lot of people do it, I'm just not sure what cable I need.

    Any ideas?

    thanks, gubar.
  5. zipperman

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    The best way

    This works for music,movies and pictures.
    You need a Home DVD player that plays this type of disk content.
    and of course a PC DVD or CD burner.
    I make mp3's disks for my friends.
    Just connect it to the TV Auxilery audio in with no TV on.
    Just be sure the dvd player isn't for dvd movies only
    TV out SUX.:(
  6. Tedster

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    You have several options:

    1) a VGA to RCA converter.

    2) S Video works as well if you have a computer with S Video output and a TV/VCR with S Video input. A lot of PC laptops have this now a days. You should be able to find a custom video card that has it if you have a desktop. Just look for S Video out.

    3) DVI is the best way. Unfortunately, most TVs with DVI input are plasma TVs. If you have one, you're in luck! The video cards with DVI out are not standard, so you may need to get one.

    Bear in mind your resolution will be poor on a TV compared to a monitor.
  7. gubar

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    bumping this old thread of mine because I've just ordered a new TV. It's and lcd and I want to be able to stream video of varoious resolutions to it, from my PC.

    The TV will have a vga slot, my card is still a 6800. I'd like a cable around 5 metres long.

    Anyone have any suggestions?




    Just occured to me that I should perhaps be thinking about getting a PC to HDMI cable - would this allow me to stream HD content to my TV? Also, I'm not sure if a vanilla 6800 can output HDMI - anyone know, or advise how I can find out?


  8. SNGX1275

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    Does the 6800 have a DVI out? If so pick up a DVI to HDMI cable, since you mentioned SCART that probably means you aren't in the US, but if you are has them for really cheap.

    If your card doesn't have DVI out, then stick with using the VGA out on your card and VGA in on your TV.
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