Weekend game deals: Dead Island $12, Hitman: Blood Money $2.48


TS Evangelist
If you haven't already bought Max Payne 3, Green Man Gaming offers 20% off the digital download alongside 50-75% off Square Enix/Eidos titles including Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Just Cause 2, as well as the Tomb Raider, Thief and Hitman…

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Max Payne 3 says %20 off at GMG site but for the Australian region that would equate to almost %50 off compared ot steams price in AU of $90..

More and more AU region customers should use sites such as GMG imho, then perhaps steam and the publishers they work with will adapt instead of burying their heads in teh sand.

Personally I have not bought a AAA title from steam I find them elsewhere and save anywhere upto %70 compared to their AU regional pricing methods.