Weird Computer Boot Up?

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Jun 12, 2009
  1. Hey all,
    Ok a few weeks a go my computer started resetting when it got to the login page thing with windows. Sometimes it would come in a few seconds before, or a few seconds after but yea basically i noticed the phrase on the first screen "Secondary IDE Channel no 80 conducter cable installed" And when it miraculously finally boots up i get the your computer recovered from a serious error message, click details i get
    I did a bit of googling and decided that i needed to make sure all my ide cables are plugged in, done, replaced them, done, swapped ram around, done, removed one hard drive, done. Same old thing. Sometimes it doesnt even make it to the login screen just freezes on some black screen. Somethings up seeing as the main computer inside just needed a new mobo! I cant afford that sorta stuff so i suppose i just gotta figure this one out!
    Any pointers?
  2. B00kWyrm

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    Please attach some (three or four) of your more recent minidumps to your next post.
    You may find them in the Minidump subfolder of your Windows folder
    or given your previous post... perhaps here...

    DOCUME~1 = Documents and Settings
    JOHN~1.MIL = Your User Folder
    LOCALS~1 = Local Settings
  3. kyleman

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    Temp\WERefda.dir00 That folder doesnt exist anymore? Similar ones but not that one.
    Attached is 4 previous minidump files.
  4. wolfx7d

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    Pop in your XP cd, hit R at the first screen and enter the recovery console. Choose the drive windows is installed on (1.C:\WINDOWS usually) press enter when it asks for admin password, unless you have one, then type it in and press enter. Once at the actual prompt type chkdsk /p /r and let it run. Then restart and login.
  5. kyleman

    kyleman TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 91

    i never made an administrators passoword, but leaving it blank is wrong?
    i AM using 80 cables and with the second hard drive removed it now just says Primary IDE Channel no 80 conducter cable installed instead with the same problem. When it gets going its fine but when it keeps resetting and you have to wait around 10 minutes for it to get itself under control, its very annoying.
  6. kyleman

    kyleman TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 91

    quick update. i got it going again, got the serious error message again and the files that it told me was wrong in the error report is there so here you go.

    Really appreciate it
  7. B00kWyrm

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    The drivers causing your crashes are related to your webcam.

    3 instances -
    BugCheck 1000000A, {68, 2, 0, 804dc25d}
    Probably caused by : ov519vid.sys

    1 instance -

    I would suggest uninstalling to see if that brings stability,
    Then you might try updating these drivers.

    See also this thread for more help (maybe)
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