Weird wavy blue lines on startup, not loading Windows, Dell Inspiron 9400

By nzrider
Aug 9, 2010
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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm having some weird problems with my Dell Inspiron laptop. While using my laptop I got a "paged fault in nonpaged area" blue screen and it just died. When it booted back up the screen was covered in weird wavy blue dots. These disappeared when the windows vista progress bar was loading, but it never even gets to the log in screen. I thought it might be windows, so I tried the dual boot of Ubuntu and that didn't get to the log in screen either. I then tried reformatting the computer, and I could boot to CD and install windows. But then after rebooting I get the same wavy dots/stripes across the screen. They go away when the progress bar comes up loading vista, but once again the screen goes blank and windows vista log in fails to load. I've tried the dell diagnostics, and all the parts pass - so I'm not quite sure what the problem is.

    The laptop itself is about 4 years old. Its a Dell Inspiron 9400, Intel Centrino Duo processor. nVidia 7900GS graphics card.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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