What is the best Modem router options for my home network?

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Apr 1, 2010
  1. I currently have a dell desktop hardwired to my comcast cable (12MB speed). Components are Linksys wireless g cable modem gateway (wcg 200 model), and a vonage phone VDV21 phone router. My signal will intermittently drop, have to re-boot both the linksys modem/gateway and the vonage router. Comcast said the linksys modem was no longer a good modem with their service but activated it anyway. They tried to say it was not docsis 2.0 compliant and it is. They recommended a docsis 3.0 modem would work better, but I have not found many avaialble. Would I be bettter off with a cable modem and seperate wireless router for my home network? I am looking at doing something like apple tv, but want a more reliable connection as well as faster if posssible. The range is good when working with my laptop in basement. It just seems that larger files/webpages with video will knock off my signal completely at times.
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    cue desert scene in cartoon with lonely whistle............
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    I second that for the Belkin N+ although they're about to release the Belkin Play Max Wireless N/Gig Router. This one will sport 480MHz NPU, Dual Band 2.4GHz/5GHz, 64MB of DDR2 RAM, and Gig Controller will have 128KB for Packet Buffering, 9K Jumbo Frames and 4K for Mac Address Looks and 300 max connections for P2P. Prior Belkin N+ has Single Band 2.4GHz, NPU from 266MHz to 348MHz, 32MB of DDR2 RAM, and Gig Controller has 832KB for Packet Buffering and 200 max connections for P2P.

    I own two Belkin N+ one is the main DHCP/AP for 802.11n only and the second is kept on two floors up as the secondary/AP 802.11n. Most of my 802.11n wireless clients connect tot he secondary. Signal is stronger though it's position closer to the floor though. The first one is kept in a network closet in basement family room. Still would recommend the Belkin N+ for now. I am going to get the newer one when it's available though.
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    ...and there is the expert opinion I was speaking of summit ;)
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    Hi Tipster

    i'm not current on where they are on the 802.11n stuff/rollout so just asking to know... But do you also need matching Belkin N+ adapters to take full advantage of the Belkin n+ router? Or are you using mixed brands?
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    VDV25 router is best option for home use,i use it and enjoy its high speed.
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    Nope you don't need the same brand. Yep to your second question. I was using TEW-641PC (Version V1.0R) with the chipset maker Realtek TW was sending me the drivers as Trendnet had old versions drivers since 2008. Realtek TW had sent me what I needed via email. You got to like that support. But anyway their drivers work perfect in 802.11n under IPV4. Now I am using IPV6 and the Belkin N+ supports that feature very well with Windows 7.

    Today I've gone all new with the new equipment I've purchased. 2x Gig are Marvel PCI-E 64-bit and 1x Gig PCI-E adapter Realtek in towers and 802.11n built-in on the for mobile equipment 2x laptops and 1x netbook ASUS and then the ACER Aspire One has 802.11g but I did pick-up a mini N150 USB by Airlink (don't use windows 7 drivers from MS) this one you need to be using the OEM drivers which is Realtek.

    The laptops and netbook are using ATheros chipset on-board. Out of the box experience they connected 100% to the Belkin N+

    Prior using XP with 7 I found that it was better to invoke the hidden IPV6 in XP and then XP SP3 and 7 systems could see each other without issue.
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    Correction: NPU in the new Belkin Play Max will be 533MHz with 32KB Instruction and 32KB Data Cache.
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    OK. Thanks for the info :)
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