What laptop to buy?

By drfefe2
Feb 8, 2006
  1. My sister, who is a collage student and knows absolutly nothing about computers, asked me to find one for her. Im looking for a pretty basic laptop $500-$650, or a little more if needed. i need it to by wireless compatable, and fast, (she doesnt like slow machines). I was thinking about just getting a dell, but they dont tell me their specs so i dont know what to buy to upgrade it. What should i buy?
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    I'm delighted with my Toshiba mx35-161

    If you're into Laptops, be sure to get a processor that has the M rating,
    celeron-M or centreno-M The M is for mobil or some-such and allows the
    processor to reduce speed when power is low, thus improving battery life.

    be sure to get 512mb ram and a 40gb hd will fit your needs nicely.

    a wifi card or PCMCIA insert in a great addition.
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    thanks guys
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