Whats the difference in XP HOME AND PRO?

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Jun 27, 2006
  1. Never found out......still tryin to...Please clarify it for me... Thanks 4 lookin
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  3. akaivan

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    Hmm ok thankss...
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    what's peta? people eating tasty animals?
  5. akaivan

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    haha no..just look at the link.
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    The main reasons I see for people to choose Pro vs. Home are two-fold:
    - For Remote Desktop. XP Home also has a mini-version of this with Remote Assistance, but it requires someone on the remote PC to send the invitation, initiate it then authorize taking control. Remote Desktop does not.
    - For the increased security of sharing resources on a Windows domain. XP Home can function on a domain perfectly as a client, but if you wish to share/exchange your local resources with increased security/auth flexibility, Pro adds this.

    One thing the chart fails to mention as well:
    XP Pro has support for more types of disks/disk partition types. Home only allows for "Basic" disks, whereas Pro allows for "Dynamic" disks. This is of really no concern unless you're using higher-end, external (as in fiber) RAID arrays or higher-end SCSI-UW gear with performance or compatibility problems using "Basic" disks. As most folks use ATA or SATA drives, this is of really no concern.
  7. AMDIsTheBest010

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    Pro has more features such as and encrypting file system, remote deskop, improved file sharing, more "grown up" stuff

    plus it doenst have the games that come with WinXP Home
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    Group Policies and Remote Desktop are the two biggies.
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    lol i dont know what either of those mean...lol
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    Group Policies just give the administrator control over users. Like say you have a Wife named Suzie and two kids named John and Eric. You put John and Eric in a group called Kids and use group policies so that they can't change stuff like screensavers, desktop background, download programs, etc. Your wife you put in a different group because she probably would want to download some programs and change her settings. Although you may want to keep her from acessing certain control panel applications like Firewalls, networking, etc.

    Thats a simple explanation. At work we keep basic users from changing desktop items, saving images off the web, deleting icons, deleting printers, etc.

    Remote Desktop gives you the ability to logon to another computer. Someone with Windows Professional can logon to another computer and use it like their own. Helpful in businesses so you don't have to travel across town to look at a computer problem. You just remote into it and save the gas :)
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    XP Pro has alot of Mumbo Jumbo basically no-one will ever use, maybe its just me, but i have XP Pro on an older laptop and i've never used half of its features. I understand where it would be good for corporate enviroments and Power Users, but for us, the basic user, its not really neccesary
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