What's the real deal with adsl connection speeds

By marcfell27
Feb 23, 2006
  1. I've recently upgraded to 512/128kbps from 256/64kbps ADSL through an ethernet card. It cost me another $20 a month and a lot of lost sleep.

    The download speed in real time hasn't changed. It's still around the 50kbps mark. So I called the ISP and got told that I was lucky to be getting 50kbps as a good 512kbps connection should only expect about 38kbps.

    I explained to the 'knob end' that I had upgraded from 256kbps and my downloads were still the same speed. I then asked what I was paying the extra $20 for. He just kept talking about how lucky I was...

    I've have friends with 512kbps with other ISP's and they say they get about 90kbps.

    Does this sound wrong to anyone else???
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