When logging in to any limited account get ERROR access denied message

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Feb 19, 2005
  1. I have the home edition of Windows XP.When I run into a problem I usually use a search engine to resolve my problem.People like the experts here have something out there and I am fixed in no time.Not this time.When my children log into their account(a limited account) an error message comes up.All it says is ERROR in the top part and access denied in the bottom.It happens first thing and keeps coming up when you close it.Nothing about what is denied or why.It also happens when trying to open the my computer link.The message can be closed and it pops back up.After multiple times of popping up,with no rhyme or reason,it stops popping up and the my computer page loads.I am at a loss.Yes I am a novice.Someone please help.I added another limited account and it does the same thing.I changed my kids account to an administrator account and it stops.I know somewhere something is trying to run that account does not have permission for.I just can not figure out what.
  2. hitman

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    so I guess there was a reason no info was out there lol.Its really a nuisance thing as far as I can tell anyway
  3. Spike

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    Welcome to techspot.

    I have to say, I find your problem quite bizarre.

    I'm no expert, and I've never seen your problem before, but it occurs to me that if a piece of spyware/malware needed administrative privelidges to run or install, and the writers of it weren't clever enough to get those privelidges in a limited account, then forcing the user to use an administrative account would be the other option.

    Are you able to bring up the MSCONFIG window from the run box on the start menu?

    Also, are you able to open task manager?

    This really is a longshot, I'll admit, but it's the most obvious thing I can think of.
  4. hitman

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    I went into msconfig and stopped everything that should not be running.Yes I can bring up the windows task manager.No applications are running at startup.As for the processes I really dont have a clue what should or should not be running.I get the feeling the message is bogus because nothing is associated with it.Like I said it stops happening if I make the account an administrator account.It is more of a nuisance than anything.after it pops up 2-10 times at startup you dont see it again unless you open my computer.Even then you can close it a couple times and my computer will open up just like it is supposed to.I ran Ad-Aware.I have Norton Internet Security 2005.No viruses detected.
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