When playing videos and music, they randomly slows down

By awsskater892
Apr 15, 2007
  1. Hi, I have windows vista ultimate, and I make tons of videos. In November, I built a new pc, and it worked great! no problems (specs are at the bottem). Now I only have one problem, and to me this is a big problem. I make tons of videos, with my freinds, and sometimes for money. Im going to college for video in a year and a half, so I need to do as much now as possible. The problem is that all songs and videos on my computer randomly will slow down for 4-5 seconds, then continue as if it hadnt happend. I have no idea what the cause of this is. This did not happen until february, when I got windows vista. before installing it, I completly formated my harddrive, and installed vista ultimate (previously had windows xp pro).
    Now I have no idea how to fix this problem. You now are probably wondering why I waited so long to say this, but I just finally had enough of it. I just put up with it for so long. It does not only slow down while watching and listenign to videos and music on my computer, but also when I watch videos off of the internet (even if they are completly buffered. I know there can be conflicts with video codecs? not really sure what that means, or how i would fix that, but any suggestions at all would be extremly helpful. Thank you VERY much! -Nick.

    Computer specs:
    Motherboard: ECS KA3 MVP
    Videocard: Geforce 7950 GT
    Processor: amd athlon 4600 x2 am2
    Memory: 2gb
    Soundcard: onboard
    Operating System: XP (now vista ultimate)
    Harddrive: 1: 75gb 10000rpm wd
    2: 300gb 7500rpm wd
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    Maybe a problem with CPU's power saving functions and Vista?

    The Dual-Core Optimizer might help - but I'm not sure if it works in Vista.

    Is your computer's BIOS up to date? Vista handles ACPI things a bit differently from XP, so it might require a BIOS update to work properly.
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