Where did all my HDD space go? please help

By R3bel · 6 replies
Oct 23, 2005
  1. Hi everyone,
    I have a harddrive that is 37.2 GB. But i recently noted that all the space is filled up to the max. Trying to figure whats going on i downloaded treesize. It showed that my harddrive is only about 8 GB big! How can this be? when i right click on my C drive it says Capcity: 37.2 GB. BUt when i add up the size of all the folder in the C drive AND use treesize it all sums up to 8 GB. Can Someone please help me out with this problem. What happen to the rest of my Harddrive?

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  3. patio

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    Sequoia View will show you in a graphical display where all your HDD space is being eaten up.

    patio. :cool:
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    lol, what i plan on doing with it? I Just downloded it to se my hard drive info ;)
    Btw i alredy saw how space everything takes up i also seen the percentage it takes up as well. The problem is that the hard drive says that it is full but there is only 8 gb of infomation in it. The hard drive really has 37.2 GB. ALL the files in the hDD add up to 8 GB but it claims that the hardrive is full and the coputers keeps reminding me that i have low HDD space. Can someone one please tell me what to do?

    thansk for any more help
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    under your \Windows directory are a ton of Uninstall folders eating space.
    you can delete this if you choose, but then the CP Add/Remove programs will
    no longer work, so this is an act of desparation! be carefull!

    under \Documents and Settings\$your-login\Local Settings\
    are Temp and Temporary Internet Files
    you can open each directory and safely delete everything!

    you can also delete your browser cache files. Try setting the limit to only a few megs-- you just don't have much space to waste.
  6. patio

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    You might also want to set your System Restore space to a more conservative level...

    patio. :cool:
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    hi. .

    normally page file will take up a bit of space.. THIS WILL NOT BE SHOWN WHEN YOU SELECT ALL FILES AND SEE PROPERTIES TO CHECK THE SIZE .You should go to tools->folder options in my computer and uncheck hide operating system files. .

    Sometimes when a hard disk crashes while moving space or something , the recovered data will be stored in found.000 folder (or similar) . This cannot be viewed normally. You have to enable viewing of sytem files.

    And defragmenting also helps many a time.

    Hope the info is of any use to you

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