Which games can I play?

By sanel · 6 replies
Apr 16, 2014
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  1. I got fujitsu siemens p4 intel celeron 2.8 ghz, 1024 mb ddr2 ram, and integrated vga 251 mb, the question is:which games can I play?
    I would be very thankfull if someone give me some help. I like games a lot 3:)
  2. Relic

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    Hi Sanel,

    As I'm sure you aware, you have a pretty dated system so anything even remotely modern will not run for you. But don't fret! PC gaming goes back a long way, and we have an excellent thread covering just this topic, 'Great games that don't need great hardware to run'. You should of course double-check the system requirements of each game you like, but I imagine you will find plenty of games in that large list. Also you can probably play some more recent indie releases as some of them are very light resource wise. A good digital store to check out would be 'Good Old Games', who have plenty of classics/indies that you can play. Or just ask for some recommendations here, like if you want RPG's or RTS's etc.

    On a separate note, you should consider moving to a new system when you can. Not just for gaming, but overall, especially if this PC has been used over all these years and I'm guessing it's still running XP.
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  3. ETF Soldier

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    From personal experience GOG.com is really good at revamping old games. They often don't bump up the resolution or in the case of DK2 it doesn't include the first patch that made all of the mine-able dirt smooth and more grid-like but it stops it from crashing every 30 minutes or so, which was the best thing it could do. And they restored Theme Hospital to run on W7, when there was absolutely nothing I could do to get it to run before. :)
  4. Jos

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    You can also check out this old TechSpot thread which compiles a list of great games that don't require powerful hardware to run
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  5. treetops

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    Anytime you want to know if you can play a game go to google and google say the game is warcraft 3

    warcraft 3 system requirements

    look at what you have and look at the requirements so you know if you can play the game before you download it

    they might say you need
    512 mb of ram
    2 ghz single core processor (cpu)
    video card blah blah

    you have
    1024 mb ddr2 ram
    p4 intel celeron 2.8 ghz (single core)
    integrated vga 251 mb video card

    the ram and processor are easy to tell if you can play a game, but the video card requirement might trip you up when trying to decide wether or not you can play a game

    p.s. as other have said you can only run very low end graphical games, if you ever get some cash come back here and build a pc! you wont regret it
  6. hopgop1

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    When I used to use a really under powered laptop I would go to a handy website called CYRI, it automatically scans your PC hardware when you type in a game and tells you if you can run it based on the system and game requirements.
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  7. Simon723

    Simon723 Banned

    Have you tried angry bird or tample run ?

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