Which one better in terms of graphics quality?

By Jacal ยท 5 replies
Jun 29, 2007
  1. I am wondering which is better, a intel graphics media accelerator 950 with 128mb shared or radeon express 1150 with 256mb shared? also if i could get a response to why which is better than the other, because so far people have only told me that intel graphics suck, but i go on the net and they specs for it seem alright.
  2. nickc

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    Jacal, neither one of those will be very good, get a real video card.
  3. Sketch Meister

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    First off, the Radeon will be better. It has 256 Mb memory vs 128 mb on the intel. Second, Intel graphics are not the way to go. Radeon and Nvidia are the best (I definitely prefer Nvidia, from experience) And I do agree with nickc. Depending on what you are doing with the card, (what kind of games, programs, ect) and what kind of computer you are putting it into, you will want a good card, that is new. What are you planning on using the card for? GAmes? Graphic design?
  4. Jacal

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    Those cards are from two different laptops, but the thing is each of them the video is integrated and is shared memory, so in respect to both of them have the same 1gb ddr2 memory and both being integrated cards. I was wondering what the situation on choices to would be. My brother has one with a lower model radeon and it is running need for speed most wanted.

    These are the links to both laptops that fit my budget:


    I dont need them to can run the game at max, i just need to know they will run.
  5. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Well, you could search for reviews of GMA950 vs Radeon Express 200, since 1150 is just a 100 MHz faster version of 200 (300 MHz vs 400 MHz).

    One article about them is Anandtech's Integrated Graphics: Xpress 200 vs. GMA 950, you'll see that the Radeon chip is a lot faster than 950 in 3D.
  6. Jacal

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    Thank you very much for that response mictlantecuhtli, and to the rest of you all that responsed to my inquiry about the 2 gpu's. I will inform my dad that he is to buy the one AMD Radeon laptop. :D
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